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Cerpen Strongest Witch

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Cerpen Strongest Witch

Cerpen Karangan: Adalia Safira Rahma
Kategori: Cerpen Bahasa Inggris

Lolos moderasi pada: 10 May 2022

There was a myth about the story of the strongest witch. The witch was very powerful in term of knowledge or magic power. No one can match her at all in all of the histories. She live a very secluded life in a far away mountain while occasionally go down to town to buy necessities.

One day, rumors told that the witch actually like to do human experiments. Day after day, week after week, the rumor become more increasingly gruesome. Then, a bounty placed on the witch’s head.

Many adventurer want to kill the witch and get the bounty. But the strongest witch title is not a bullshit. All of the hunter died without even can found the witch’s lair.

This situation continue until it reach the ear of the emperor. The emperor, in order to appease his anxious people, send a bunch of mage and soldier to kill the witch. That mage including the strongest mage in the kingdom.

Out of naught, the troops send by the emperor is defeated by a single witch. But that’s not without a cost. The witch suffered a heavy injuries as her heart successfully stabbed by a spear.

Meanwhile, the strongest mage, the only survivor although only one step into the death’s door, watching the witch walking step by step. Walking away from the battlefield back to her home to treat her injuries.

The mage has live for a long time, surpassing the wisdom of ordinary human. He know that the rumors are not necessarily true. But the existence of the witch already instill fear in people’s heart. If he didn’t do something now, it is unknown wether people will still believe in the empire or not.

So, with that thought, the mage proped himself up. Making a complicated seal in one hand cause his other hand already non-existent.

Eternal Ice Coffin.

It’s should be. But because only one hand do the work, the seal is considered incomplete but the mage already satisfied with what he can do. For his final magic before he died.

The witch know that there was one survivor from the emperor’s side, but she would never expect for the strongest mage to sacrifice his life to seal her.

The witch, staring at the huge seal in the sky, didn’t make any move. As if surrendering herself being sealed. A big and bright rune, hovering over her head and seal her completely.

As for the mage, he already lost his breath after coughing a mouthful of blood. Tears rolling in his weary eyes for he also witnessed the witch is calm expression. Finally he know, right before his death, that the rumor is definitely not true. But he can’t do anything anymore.

On the other side of the mountain, people from the empire watching from the distance while the battle last.

One of the mage in the empire recognize the eternal seal that only the strongest mage can use. After he tell his friend about it, the news spread fast like a fire and now the whole empire know that the subjugation of the witch by the emperor is a great success.

The peoples jumps in joy and celebration being held everywhere.

The emperor, staring towards that mountain that now covered by thick clouds and snowstorm from the effect of the magic, with serene gaze. Never his adjutant know what is in the mind of the emperor as he always covered his emotions with a blank face.

The emperor turning his body, not looking toward the mountain anymore, and strode with a great force toward the banquet hall. The celebration is still continued and he, as the emperor, must attend and lead his people.

Maybe it is an illusion or maybe not, in the eyes of the adjutant, the back of the emperor seem more lonely than before.

Nama: Adalia Safira Rahma
Hobi menulis dan menggambar di waktu luang. Memakai hijab dan tidak suka rok*k. Kegiatan akhir-akhir ini adalah mencari detail pekerjaan masa depan. Profesi sebagai mahasiswa di UNS.

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Cerpen Strongest Witch merupakan cerita pendek karangan Adalia Safira Rahma, kamu dapat mengunjungi halaman khusus penulisnya untuk membaca cerpen cerpen terbaru buatannya.

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