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Cerpen The Brave Quiet Girl

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Cerpen The Brave Quiet Girl

Cerpen Karangan: Almaira Fabianisa
Kategori: Cerpen Bahasa Inggris

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One day, there is a girl who has a special. Her name is Lori. Lori has hidden talent karate. Now, Lori has a black belt. Lori is a quiet girl but actually Lori is brave, smart, and good speaker. Lori doesn’t care if someone’s messing around or bully with her. Lori is 12 years old and now she is in 7th grade of junior high school, it is in class 7C. At Lori’s house, Lori usually doing workout in the morning. Today is Sunday. Her old brother, Milo, go to outside to meet Lori while she is doing skipping.

“Hi sis, would you like playing basketball with me?” Says Milo.
“Really? I want play it too. Wait for me, bro.” Lori excited.
“Hmm, okay, I take my basketball now.” Milo continues.
They are in the court. They start playing. Milo invites his friends name Adrian and Nino.

The next day, its Monday, Lori and Milo goes to school in the car with dad. Arrived at school, Lori not forgets to shake her dad and go to school. In class, When Lori enters to classroom and seat her desk, 3 classmates name Linda, Fela, and Sasha approached her, “Hey Lori, how was going? Would you like to meet me in balcony after school done?” says Linda with face big shot and seat in Lori’s desk. Lori says, “For what? No, thank you, Linda.” Lori focus on reading the book that she brought from home.
Linda immediately took the book “You such idiot, Lori. If you don’t want to come with me, you will know what happened.”. Yup, Lori doesn’t have any friends yet but Lori is a good speaker.
“Okay, let’s see.” Answer Lori with the smile.

Lori takes her novel book. Linda, Fela, and Sasha leave Lori with laughter and all the students sit at their desk nicely and teacher coming. The lesson has begun. The first lesson is social science, Mr. Kevin assign groups of 1 to 6 each of 4, 5, or 6 students for making Microsoft Power Point minimal 6 slides about country. “Slide 1 about description the country is bla bla bla, slide 2 about mention city, slide 3 about food and beverage from country, slide 4 about destination tour, slide 5 about airport, high building and other until slide 6. Next week, all students have finish make slide and will be have presentation.” Explain Mr. Kevin.

Group 1 (Canada), group 2 (Germany), group 3 (America), group 4 (Thailand), group 5 (Brazil), and last group 6 (Malaysia). All the students have got a group by their choice, except Lori hasn’t got a group yet.

Mr. Kevin approach Lori when Lori doing write her notebook. “Lori, why don’t you get in a group? or you don’t have a group?” ask Mr. Kevin.
“I don’t know, Mr. Kevin. I still confused to get a group” answer Lori. Mr. Kevin says “Oh, I think group 6 still five students. You might to join their group.”

Lori goes straight to group “Can I join to your group?”
Classmates in group 6 say, “Umm… Sure, come join.”

In group 6, there’s Vito, Mila, Karina, Billy, Ryan, and also Lori. “So guys, we make about Malaysia in PowerPoint.” Says Karina.
Billy answer, “Ok, who wants to scroll a slide?”.
Vito raises up, “Me, wants to scroll slide.”.
“We should make a group class.” Mila Suggest.
“WI want bring my laptop.” Lori recount
“Ok, noted. Talk per slide and who wants to read each slide we talk in group chat . Now, give your phone number and write it. So, I can invite you guys. Also, Lori don’t forget bring your laptop.” Billy warns.
Lori and others write phone number and give to Billy. “Lori, you can chat us if you need to help make slide.” Says Mila.
“Ok, later night or tomorrow. I try my best, guys.” Answer Lori.
“How about we call in zoom meeting at 8 P.M? I will send it.” Billy getting plans.
“That’s great idea!” they’re shout together.

Mr. Kevin tell all students to return to their seats. “Hi, who is your group?” Lori says hello next to with her desk mate. She says, “I’m with Linda, Fela, Sasha, and Niki.” She answers with shy and her expression is like scare of people. Her name is Vio. “Okay.” Lori was surprised and suspicious. A few hours later, students go home.

At night, at exactly 8 P.M, Lori check on her phone and notice she is already in the message group, Lori open her laptop to join to zoom meeting which has been sent from Billy. As soon as fast, Lori prepare slide presentation. Zoom meeting call start now. Lori share screen in zoom meeting. Lori, Mila, Karina, Billy, and Vito start doing discussion a few hours and after finishing slide, they talk freely.

“Thanks for the time we can get talk together and everything” Say Vito
“Your welcome, Lo, see you on next week at presentation. Good luck guys, bye bye…” Answer Mila
“Bye” Say together.

Next week, Lori goes to school early. When Lori walks in corridor class, she saw Linda, Fela, and Sasha do something bad happening to Vio and Niki.

“Hey, stop it! Don’t mess up with them.” Lori held Linda’s hand in karate technique position to break her hand. Linda, Fela, and Sasha got scare and run away.
“Thank you for helping us, Lori.” Vio and Lori grateful.
Lori answers, “You’re welcome.”

In class…
“Lori, come here.” Karina and Mila invite Lori.
“Do you bring your laptop?”
“Yes, I bring my laptop.” Lori exclaims
“Pfft, thank god you brought it, Lori.” Karina relieves.

Mr. Kevin come to the classroom to begin his lesson is social science in the morning. Mr. Kevin designates group 6 which is Lori’s group to come first forward to do presentation.

“Today, I want start presentation about Malaysia.” Vito starts open Lori’s laptop.
Slide 1 read by Mila, slide 2 read by Karina, slide 3 by Lori, slide 4 read by billy, slide 5 read by Vito, Slide 6 read each part by Lori and Karina.

After Lori’s group do presentation, all class do presentation. A few minutes later, Mr. Kevin Announcement who are the best presentation “The best presentation and design is… MILA’S GROUP.”. Lori and the other so happy cause her group is the best presentation.

“We did it guys, also Lori thank you for everything.” Karina said
“Your welcome, Rina. And thank you too all.” Lori happy.
“YAY”. Lori, Karina, Mila, Billy, Ryan, and Vito high five together.

“Hmm, Lori, when break, would you like go to canteen with me, Mila, Vio, and Niki.” Ask Karina.
Lori answer, “Of course I want, I’m sorry if i’m shy person and I’m feel bad for you, guys.”
“No, it’s not your fault, Lo. Its okay. Maybe we can be friend. C’mon, let’s go.” Say Karina.

Lori, Karina, and Mila go to canteen together. They are buy food and drink for snack time. Lori buy healthy biscuit and mineral water, Karina buy soursop juice, and Mila buy dimsum and ice tea. They seat in canteen. Otherwise, the three girls ( Linda, Fela, Sasha) coming to they.

“Hey Lori, we just want to say sorry from next week. And Vio Niki I’m sorry too.” Linda upset.
“Are you serious right, Linda? Sorry I’m ask like this but I’m forgive your mistake.” Lori says with smooth yet suprise.
“I’m promise, I’m not being rude for you and all class.” Fela continues
“Ok, so join us. Oh you want buy some food and sit here.” Lori invite. Karina, Mila, Vio, and Niki want it too.
“Really, thanks Lori, guys we buy food first.” Say Fela.

And they best friend forever.


Cerpen Karangan: Almaira Fabianisa

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